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Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health. It is for everyone seeking a higher quality functional food in their diet. Too often we forget that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Beauty starts from the inside. It begins with the right diet, the right exercise, and now the right supplement.

Lignans were once plentiful in our diet. Found in the cell walls of plants, lignans were once abundant in many of our food sources. Today, many people have never heard of the term nor do they know the importance of this product in our diet. This phytonutrient once existed in many grains such as einkorn, emmers and spelt. As populations grew along with the demand, over 70% of the world’s population now needs wheat. The new variety, dwarf wheat offers high yields but little nutritional value. Researchers believe that lignans influenced the quality of our health and the lack of this nutrient has impacted our well-being.

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Explore the Power of Each Drop

“FOL has been formulated to improve our chances for a healthier life, to mitigate the chances of free radical damage and reduce the impact of reactive oxygen species”.

Specifically developed for women and men, Fountain of Life captures the power of the Norwegian Spruce. This tree, growing and thriving under the harshest conditions on earth has adapted to develop nature’s most powerful source of lignans. Through the patented extraction process, Fountain of Life contains the lignans from this incredible tree, providing people with a new nutritional source that can effectively augment our diets lacking in this nutrient due to processing and engineering.


Each bottle contains 300 drops of Fountain of Life; five drops contains the same concentration of lignans as the following:

Cups of Lettuce

Cups of Kiwi's

Cups of Oranges

Cups of Cauliflower

Cups of Onions

Cups of Green Tea

Cups of Apples

Cups of Strawberries

Cups of Cabbage

Cups of Cherries

Cups of Carrots

Cups of Tomatoes



Researchers found that the sap from the Norwegian Spruce contained a high level of phytonutrient lignans that did not exist in any other foods from nature.

It was the Norwegian Spruce that grows in Northern Finland that was significant, as it has adapted to live in the harshest of environments.

The World’s Most Powerful Functional Food.

The patented extraction process creates a food safe product that can be ingested. Recognized by many food and drug administrations as a food product, the extract in Fountain of Life has proven to be the perfect adjunct to everyone’s diet.

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Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health. It is for everyone seeking a higher quality and concentration of antioxidants in their diet